What is a UAE mainland company?

A mainland company is an onshore company which is registered under the government authority of the concerned Emirate. A trade license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the particular Emirate.

A UAE mainland company is mainly characterized by the restriction-less trading opportunity.

When an business owner opens and operates a mainland company in the UAE, the said company is authorized to trade in the UAE local market as well as outside UAE.


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What are the benefits of opening a UAE mainland Company?

  1. Freedom to rent commercial space in any area
  2. Ability to conduct a wide range of business activities
  3. Option to trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally
  4. 100% foreign ownership
  5. No currency restriction
  6. Easy employment visa processing
  7. Advantage of bidding on government projects
  8. Ability to open a corporate bank account easily

What types of Licenses are available in UAE mainland?

  1. Industrial
  2. Commercial
  3. Professional
  4. Tourism
  5. Numerous options at competitive costs
  6. Agricultural
  7. Occupational


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