Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority - JAFZA

Strategical Location Which Sets It Up Next To The Jebel Ali Port


Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) is DP World flagship free zone, established in 1985. It is the oldest and the largest customs-bonded zone in the Middle East.

Currently, it hosts over 10,000 companies. These international companies include more than 100 Fortune 500 companies.

Moreover, this trade zone offers connectivity as it has access to one of the world’s busiest ports.

JAFZA facilitates long-term customer relationships and collaborations with foreign investors. It provides high-quality services and excellent infrastructure to businesses.

Therefore, it is one of the fastest growing and largest free zones in the world. As a leading business hub, it boosts international trade in the UAE.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Jebel Ali Free Zone

You can take advantage of various benefits by starting a company in JAFZA. Here are some of the major benefits you can gain:

100% Business Ownership

Investors can have 100% foreign ownership and control by setting up a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

World Class Infrastructure

Companies have access to high-quality facilities in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. They can use fast internet, first-class office spaces, and exceptional industrial spaces.

Strategic Location

It is in the ideal location at the intersection of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, it is perfect for companies that want to expand to other countries. Furthermore, it has access to one of the largest container ports in the world, Jebel Ali Port.

Easy Setup Procedure

Business owners must follow the clear and straightforward regulations. Luckily, the registration process is simple. There is minimal paperwork. You can set up your business easily.

Types of Licenses Provided by JAFZA

JAFZA offers industrial, trading, logistics, and service licenses. Market research is necessary to get the correct license type. Each license has distinct features. The following are your options:

Trading License

A trading license allows you to form a business that buys and sells goods. Investors can establish import and export businesses.

Service License

You need a service license to provide professional services in JAFZA. It allows you to offer medical, artisan, repair, or craftsmen services. For example, hair salons require this license in the UAE.

Industrial License

This license allows the holder to import materials , assemble, manufacture, process, package and export the products

Logistics License

Businesses involved in storage, transportation, distribution, forwarding, and clearing services require a logistics license to operate as a JAFZA Free Zone Company.

Since this free zone is close to the port of Jebel Ali, companies that offer clearing and forwarding services prefer this license type.

How to Set Up a Company in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

Here are the steps for a JAFZA Free Zone company formation:

Choose your business Activity

The first step is to choose your business activities.

Choose a Legal Company Name

Next, you need to decide on a non-offensive company name that complies with the regulations. Try to make it unique and reflective of your business activities.

You can look for available company names. After finding a suitable one, you can reserve it with Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.

Prepare Compulsory Documents

You must prepare the necessary documents for company registration. They can vary depending on your business. Nevertheless, you need to get the following documents:

  • Passport copies of all shareholders and directors
  • Copy of residence visa, if applicable
  • Passport size photographs with white background

Obtain the Trade License

You can get your trade license after your application has been approved. Starting your business operation requires this license in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority business.


The next step for business setup in JAFZA is to apply for a business VISA.

Open a Business Bank Account

Finally, you can open your corporate bank account. You need it for business transactions.


We provide outstanding services, including company registration, licensing, UAE residency and business bank account opening assistance.

Our expert team will help you through the legal formalities of a JAFZA Free Zone company formation.

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