Dubai World Trade Center Free Zone

Well Regulated Competitive Business Hub For Local And International Markets

About DWTC

Dubai’s famous World Trade Center has been famous for more than forty years and now with the DWTC (Dubai World Trade Center) Free Zone in 2015, it has become an effective and well regulated competitive business hub for local and international markets.

Dubai World Trade Center Free Zone was established with the objective that it would provide vast opportunities for foreign investors in regard to the best international competitive business environment; outstanding well-organized ecosystem. DWTC is under the jurisdiction of DWTCA. This authority has corporate body status, administrative and financial autonomy.

DWTC is strategically positioned in Dubai’s Central Business District which makes it an ideal environment for SMEs, corporations and startups. It also provides the perfect location to reach both local and international markets while operating locally. The free zone covers from the Dubai World Trade center till the iconic One Central.

According to the business point of view of investors that it is a lucrative hub for business and provides an excellent chance to enhance the trend of business on the local and international market. Dubai World Center creates many domains like hospitality, entertainment. It is easily approachable according to business angels.

Business Set Ups In DWTC

  • Free Zone Company (FZCO)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Foreign Branch
  • UAE Branch

Types Of License In DWTC General Trading License

This license has more range of activities that the trading license and allows the holder access them.

Professional License

This license is perfect for professionals providing advices, consultancies and multiple types of services. Eg, IT, creative services, media, etc. Commercial License Businesses can import, export, sell, distribute and store specified items with this license.

Event Management License

This license is needed if companies or owners plan for organizing of businesses and leisure events.

Benefits Of Company Formation In DWTC

This license is needed if companies or owners plan for organizing of businesses and leisure events.

How To Set Up A Business In World Trade Center?

Dubai WTC is the cheapest business Center in Dubai. It has multiple dimensions from a business point of view. Dubai WTC is providing numerous facilities to its customers in one spot. It has organized approximately 500 trade fairs, consumer shows, and conventions. DWTC is emerging on the horizon of the business field so that investors may invest their capital in safe-free zones. The process of registration is most convenient and some important documents are required in this respect.

The Process To Set Up A Business In Dwtc Free Zone

  • The basic step is to choose the type of business entity.
  • The required license is first and foremost. Your license must be according to the business activities.
  • Lastly, the selection of location has the greatest importance. DWTC allows several activities at a time.

Choose A Company Name

The essential step is to find a company name. You must check the registration of your trade name in the Dubai free zone authority portal. The name of the company must not be controversial in terms of religion or political perspective.

Apply For The License

For company formation, a license is compulsory. Licenses differ according to business activities. Different types of licenses are issued for this purpose. The company observes strict rules in issuing licenses. Applicants can apply for a visa application during this procedure. Documents must be completed according to the requirements of the authority.

Pay Fees

Applicants have to submit a license and registration fee to the DWTC authority. After the submission of a fee, the license is issued within a few weeks.

Documents Required For Setting Up A Business In Dwtc Free Zone

  • DWTC Application form
  • Business strategy AND PROJECT RESUME
  • Passport copies of all business holders, directors, and general Manager
  • Emirates ID copies of the shareholders, directors, and managers
  • Shareholder’s complete Bio-Data
  • Board resolution calling for the establishment
  • Letter from the confirming deposit of share capital
  • Signature of applicant and application form
  • A notarized power of attorney (attested by the relevant authority)
  • Certificate of registration, certificate of incorporation (All certificates must be attested by concerned authority)
  • Shareholder s’ resolution for setting up FZE in DWTCA and hiring a manager (Attested by the authority)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company (attested by concerned authority) in the form of a branch office
  • Good standing certificate if applicable
  • Copy of license of company, if applicable

Why Set Up A Business In DWTC Free Zone?

Dubai World Center Authority in Dubai is providing ample chances to broaden business on an international level. There are numerous facilities in it because it is too near to the Airport, metro, and road network.

Issuance of a license has become an easy process after fulfilling the concerned criteria. The DWTCA formulates convenient policies to make the process easy and to create collaboration between investors and government authorities. The DWTCA has created new opportunities for increasing business incentives. The following are some advantages of business in this regard:

Simple Registration Procedure

The DWTCA has introduced a simple process to open a business in this zone. The registration steps are easy for every person and the registration procedure can be completed within some weeks.

Flourishing Business Center

Dubai has become the most flourishing business domain due to its facilities.

Competitive Benefit

The location of the Dubai World Trade Center is fertile for business cultivation. Setting up cost is the most reasonable edge to set up a business in this case. It is a golden center for investors to launch their business activities in a safe zone. If you want to set up a business in this region and you are in search of expert consultants to take guidance in corporate law and company support services.

We will provide you with our tremendous service in setting up a successful business in the trade hub. RFZ is for your service to make the process feasible for you. Our business formation expert team will assist you to make the process easy in the matters of the license, residence permit, applications, documents, banking details, etc. Our team is expert at handling this procedure.

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