Dubai Maritime City Freezone

World’s First Purpose Built Maritime Center

About Maritime City

UAE’s history is steeped with marine business starting from pearl diving and fishing and then evolving into today’s sea trade. With the country being smack dab in the middle of Asia and Europe, it’s not surprising than many seafarers landed in the country for ease of doing business. It would only take a couple decades for Dubai to establish the world’s first purpose built maritime center known as Dubai Marine City (DMC).

DMC fully caters to the requirements of the maritime industry and also acts as the region’s maritime hub while creating a global maritime community by acting as a platform for networking and collaborating of different business in the said industry.

DMC is cleverly located in the heart of Dubai, near the creek area business district between Port Rashid & the Dubai Dry docks. The Arabian Gulf surrounds it giving an easy access to the sea. The airport and public transportation are also easily accessible.

The DMC is made of 6 different sections:

  • A main business center for local and international maritime companies
  • Vessel repairs at the industrial precinct. This area also has:
    • Workshops with an open space for loading and/or unloading and an easy accessibility of vessels
    • Warehouses to store parts and materials for marine related business activities
    • Showrooms where a wide range of products, goods and merchandise related solely to marine industry are on display
    • Shops to offer a specified line of goods and services.
  • Study center at the academic quarter
  • Recreational center at the marina district
  • Residential community at the harbor residence
  • Maritime businesses can set up their firms at the Harbor Office

Main Benefits Of A Business Set Up In DMC

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No corporate or income taxes
  • No import export taxes
  • Affordable energy consumption
  • Simple recruitment procedures with a multicultural and educated workforce
  • Great infrastructure perfect for the maritime sector
  • Companies can operate 24 hours in this free zone

Types Of Licenses Available In DKV

Marine Crafts License

Foreign and local business can build and use vessels according to the international maritime standards with this license

Maritime Commercial License

This license will let companies c perform maritime activities in the city of Dubai while individuals will be allowed to do recreational maritime activities

Maritime Operation Services License

This license is a must for companies operating in waste management in sea water

Maritime Education And Research License

For academic business that is involved with the education and research of maritime affairs the

Commercial License

Any business and individuals that wants to do general maritime activities must have this license

Types Of Company Formation In DMC

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – only one shareholder allowed
  • Free Zone Company (FZC) – minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 shareholders allowed
  • Branch Office – must perform the same duties and business as the parent company
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