Dubai International Freezone

Ideal Center Of Business Due To The Flourishing Economy Of Dubai

About IFZA

IFZA – International Free Zone Authority is a business hub for new business owners and investors to set up business in IFZA Dubai. As one of the affordable and lowest cost free zone to set up, IFZA has become a go-to choice for many investors who plan to do business in UAE.

Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA has a tie up with them for licensing and leasing. With smart desk facility and office space, the free zone is a prime choice for startups and SME’s to launch their business with affordable prices.

IFZA has become an ideal center of business due to the flourishing economy of Dubai. Dubai Free Zone Authority has access to whole Arabian Gulf ports and has also become the emerging markets of India, Pakistan, and Iran.

The most prominent feature of IFZA Authority is that it is providing easily approachable networks through shipping routes, airports, and ports which have created countless opportunities for setting up a business in Dubai.

IFZA has numerous facilities like residential apartments, warehouses, offices, hotel, and retail outlet options. IFZA attracts all the investors from the world to start their business at the lowest price and easy procedure and minimum requirements which are best options for business purposes. So, IFZA is a fantastic place to launch business in Dubai.

International Free Zone Authority Business Benefits

  • Easy and cost friendly set up
  • Fast & efficient processes
  • Commercial, Industrial & Professional license can be combined under one in IFZA
  • Modern and virtual – Physical presence of the business owner is not required during the process
  • No physical office is required
  • No annual audit is required

Types Of IFZA Licences

Professional License

This license is perfect for professionals providing advices, consultancies and multiple types of services. Eg, IT, creative services, media, etc.

Commercial License

Businesses can import, export, sell, distribute and store specified items with this license.

Industrial License

With this license, business owners can import raw materials, process, manufacture and export specified products within the UAE and internationally


Foreign investors can also register a branch of their existing business at IFZA. The activity of the branch company must resemble the activity of the parent company.

How To Start A Business In IFZA?

There are many benefits to starting a business in IFZA. IFZA Set Up is an easy process. Maximum process is conducted online. All the documents are submitted at once. 10-12 days are required for the registration of your company.

These are following steps:

  • Get approval for name and activity. Name must be different from other companies.
  • Approval from the ministry/Department is compulsory if your activity is particular.
  • Write up the memorandum of the company of association and have it notarized from the courts.
  • Capital Contribution Certificate must be attached from the banks for cash shares and kind shares.
  • Submit the application form with and initial approval along with the notarized copy of memorandum of association, capital certificate, and tenancy contract to the Municipality

After thorough investigation the company name will be entered in the commercial register and have its memorandum of Association published in the Ministry of Economy. After this process the Municipality will issue a license.

Why Set Up A Business In IFZA?

IFZA has countless advantages. It offers meager tariff rates, minimized overhead cost and shorter start-up time. Actually a business license is issued after 4 or 5 working days. The submission of accurate documents is an inevitable step which makes sure the authentic process.

It is very difficult for a foreigner to get knowledge about rules and regulations to start a business in FZA.

There is always a need for an expert to complete the process. We offer our professional expertise to start business in this case. We provide our best services to make the process easy. Our first priority is to complete documentation without any slight negligence. We complete each step with full devotion and commitment. Our main focus is to make your business stable. We are here to provide our matchless services and friendly advice.

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