Dubai Commodities Centre (DMCC) Freezone

World's No.1 Free Zone

About DMCC

The UAE Government established the Dubai Multi Commodities Center free zone in 2002 to form an international trade center for local and foreign investors.

Its purpose is to provide exceptional infrastructure to facilitate the growing commodities market in the Middle East.

Situated in the well-known Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre DMCC is the world’s renowned Free Zone establishment.

The Financial Times FDI magazine has given it the title Global Free Zone of the Year for nine consecutive years.

Business owners select Dubai Multi Commodities Centre as their first choice. There are more than 24,000 free zone companies working efficiently in this hub from 180+ countries specialize in 900+ business activities.

Moreover, it is near seaports and airports. It is located next to the main highway.


There are plenty of benefits to setting up a business in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Free Zone, including:


DMCC location is ideal because it has access to a metro station, retail centers, and a public transit system.


Business owners have 100% foreign ownership in DMCC. They can repatriate all their capital and profits.


Take advantage of the tax benefits in DMCC. There is 0% personal income tax in this free zone.

However, a 9% corporate tax applies on profits above AED 375,000. It is a lower tax burden compared to other countries.


The regulatory framework in DMCC is straightforward. Business owners must adhere to the rules and regulations. DMCC business setup process is quick and simple. There are minimal hurdles.


DMCC offer businesses world-class infrastructure, including innovative technology and modern office spaces.

Furthermore, it provides connectivity, which allows companies to operate efficiently.

Which types Of Licenses available In DMCC?

You need to select the right license type for your business in DMCC. There are several options, including industrial, service, commercial, and trading licenses.

An investor must select the license according to the nature of their business. Let us discuss the types of licenses in detail:

Trading License

A business that buys and sells goods needs a trading license to establish itself in DMCC. Whether you are running a sales company, a general store, or an import and export business, you must obtain this license.

Industrial License

If you are going to start a manufacturing business, you need an industrial license. This is necessary for all businesses that convert natural materials into products. A gold manufacturing company is one such example.

Service License

A service license allows professionals to offer specific services. These include medical and repair services. It also covers artisans and craftsmen.

Commercial License

You require a commercial license to set up a business that sells products or services. Examples include general and specialized traders. A construction company and real estate firm also require this license type.

Types of Company Formation In DMCC

  • New Company
  • Branch
  • Subsidiary
  • Representative Office

What is the process of company formation in DMCC?

Are you ready to make your DMCC business dream a reality? Here is how you can register your company in the DMCC.

Decide a Business ActiviTY

First, you must choose your business activities and license type. Make sure you understand the associated costs and necessary documents. You can consider sole proprietorship or subsidiary companies.

Complete the Registration Form

Then, you need to fill out the registration form. You also need to pay the initial fee.

Obtain Your Business License

After signing the legal documents, you will receive a provisional approval and bank letter. You can then collect your trade license


The cost of setting up a business in DMCC may vary according to certain factors like the license type and business activities. 

Why Setup A Company In DMCC Free Zone?

DMCC has facilitated trade and business in Dubai. It is committed to making it the ideal business place.

There is no need to worry about the process of starting a business. You can get guidance from a business advisor.

Simplify the business setup process with RFZ Corporate Services Provider. We provide various exceptional services, including company registration, licensing, UAE residency and corporate bank account opening assistance.

Our expert team will help you through the legal formalities of a company setup. Partner with RFZ for a seamless business setup in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Free Zone.

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