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Home to more than 1800 companies and over 15,000 professionals, DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority) is one of the fastest growing free zones in the UAE.

Established in 1996, DAFZA is a business hub that serves as a bridge to the African markets as well as the Europe, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Far East. DAFZA is strategically located in the middle of Dubai, making it easily accessible to all parts of the countries through the main highways and advanced transportation systems.

Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone has become the emerging trend for inviting foreign investment. These companies deal in different business entities like IT & telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, food, aviation, cosmetics, freight and logistics and engineering etc.

DAFZA manages the licensing and business registration and provides excellent opportunity for businesses that wants to start a new business in Dubai. Companies registered with DAFZA can either be a free zone company or a branch company that does the same business as the parent company.

This free zone is perfect for business entities such as airlines, trading, cargo and service companies.

DAFZA (Dubai airport Free Zone) is a house of MNC (multinational companies) and SME (small and medium enterprises). Companies registered in DAFZA gets the advantage of direct access to Dubai International Airport and Port Rashid, making trading by air and the sea a lot more easy and accessible.

The free zone also provides a wide range of solutions that are flexible according to your company needs.

Whether you are looking for fully furnished office, different space sizes, warehouses light industrial units or retail outlets, they have the perfect facility for you. All their authorities being under one building to facilitate customers with all of their business requirements makes it easy without having the need to run around. DAFZA is known to be one of the most disciplines free zones in the region.

Types Of DAFZA Licences

Dubai Airport Free Zone License is a key to start business in the UAE. There are four types of license for starting a business in DAFZA Dubai. If any foreign investors have this license; they are free to perform business activities in this ideal location. Different types of license are mentioned here.

Trade License

Allows businesses to do trading activities that includes exports, imports, re-export, distribution and storage of specific products

Service License

Suitable for service-oriented business that allows an entity to provide services mentioned in the license.

Industrial License

This allows holders to undertake light manufacturing activities, packaging and assembly.

E-commerce License

E-commerce business will need this license to set up their online shop and run business to trade goods and services.

Benefits Of A Business Set Up In DAFZA

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) presents innumerable facilities to the companies which are working under Dubai Free Zone Authority. The list of benefits is mentioned below:

  • 100% foreign company ownership.
  • Businesses can operate 24 hours a day
  • Direct access to customs, immigration facilities etc
  • Easy access to more than 100 countries through 130 airlines
  • 100% income tax free
  • Freedom of repatriation of capital and profits
  • Outstanding infrastructure and feasibility
  • Massive logistics center and multiple cargo managing facilities
  • Direct link to Government for the clearance matters like immigration and custom
  • Rapid and feasible approach to the world market
  • Proper handling and managing services under one roof

The Process Of Business Set Up In Dubai Airport Free Zone

DAFZA has formed an easy process for formulating companies in the free zone. The procedure is easy to comprehend. The process of registration is in three steps which are necessary.

Select The Entity, License And Facility

  • The basic step is to choose the type of business entities i.e. a free Zone Establishment or a branch office.
  • The required license is first and foremost. Your license must be according to the business activities.
  • Lastly, the selection of location has the greatest importance. DAFZA offers different types of locations in this regard.

Submission Of Documents

For opening a company in DAFZA, following documents are submitted.

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Intent
  • Brochure of your existing company (if available)
  • 6-month bank statement of shareholder/annual financial report (not applicable for new registration)
  • CV and copy of Manager’s passport
  • CV and copy of shareholder’s passport
  • Original bank reference letter for each shareholder
  • NOC by the current sponsor for the manager
  • Approval are required from the third -party authorities according to business activities, e.g. IT, pharmaceutical companies and media.

Collect Business License

This is the last phase of your company formation in DAFZA. This is essential before starting your business.

  • Submission of fee and receiving license
  • Signing at least agreement
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