Abu Dhabi Freezones

With world-class infrastructure and easy access to markets, Abu Dhabi is the perfect gateway to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Free Zone Limited Liability Company

A legal entity with a mix of individual shareholders and corporate shareholders. Individual investors can also start an FZLLC

Branch of a Foreign Company

After issuing a license by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, a foreign investor or owner can establish an office or branch in the free zone.

Branch of a UAE Company

Can establish a branch of a parent company in the UAE

Freelance License

Freelancers can get a license to carry out jobs under their birth name and not a brand name.

Abu Dhabi List of Freezones

  • Masdar City Freezone
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD)
  • Khalifa Port Freezone
  • Abu Dhabi Airports Freezone
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market
  • Twofour54

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