Case Studies

AG Partner

Review: SADAF was just amazing. We managed to set up the business and take care of all the related admin requirements within the expected timeline. I felt reassured throughout the process and SADAF and her team showed multiple times an ad hoc approach tailored to my specific needs. Super recommended.

Business Activity: General Trading Company – LLC – Free Zone
Client Name: AG Partner

Procedure: The Client approached us for the business setup of his General Trading company in one of the Free Zone in Dubai. We understood the requirements and needs of his business. We handled everything from the beginning till the end, including all the legal formalities like selecting a proper name for his company to the registration process as well and we opened his business account, we also assisted in providing the visa as well. We were tight on the deadline, as the Client had a short period for setting up a company. We are glad to serve him as we helped him achieve what he desired, a smooth company process.

Aleksei Alekseenko

Review: Excellent service starting from the very first interaction. Guys really knows what they’re doing. All my questions were immediately covered or processed, especially bank-related stuff. Special thanks to Sadaf for coordination and support.

Business Activity: Technical License
Client Name: Aleksei Alekseenko

Procedure: Mr Aleksei came to us as he wanted to obtain a technical license as he was setting up a maintenance business in one of the mainlands in Dubai. He was confused about the process, I heard all of his concerns, and not only guided him through the complexities but also processed a request for a technical license for his company. Mr. Aleksei being new to Dubai was also clueless about banking, like how to open an account and how everything deals in Dubai, UAE, we immediately processed his request for the account too. Not long after the process, we helped him issue the license for his business. He trusted RFZ, and let us do our work, making us more than happy.

Matt Pappas

Review: RFZ offer a great service at an affordable price. They’re; attentive, diligent, and very professional. I had the pleasure of dealing with Sadaf, who on many occasions worked through problems as they arose and provided great advice and options.

I would (and have already) recommended RFZ and the team to my network.

Business Activity: Digital Marketing
Client Name: Matt Pappas

Procedure: Mr Matt Pappas was looking the ways to obtain a license in Digital Marketing. He was giving services in Dubai as a freelancer, and then he planned to open an on-site office, for which he needed to register his company. He had many questions, and we are glad that everything was sorted out smoothly. We started the process by filing the company papers for registration, along with bank account requirements. Some issues arose during the compliance, which we sorted out for him. We gave him the best service and advice that could help his business flourish.

Barney Hewlett

Review: It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Rockefeller. I was recommended to use them to set up my company and and gain residency in Dubai. The process was easy, smooth and fast. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to use the services they offer. Sadaf has always gone above and beyond for me and we have become friends, who I’m looking forward to seeing soon.

All the best,


Business Activity: Business Startup
Client Name: Aleksei Alekseenko

Procedure: When Barney contacted us, he was looking for proper guidance as he was looking to set up his company in Dubai. He was confused and was totally clueless about how and where to start. He was also looking for a residency visa. We helped him with the business formation, helping to select between the Mainland and Free Zone. Applied for his residency visa, and helped him with the compliance and opened a bank account for his business. He was highly cooperative with us which made the process smooth.

Mesfin Teshome

Review: I am thrilled to write a review for the exceptional services provided by the Business Management Consultant – Rockefeller. They played a pivotal role in helping me navigate the complexities of obtaining a business license and residency for my new venture. From the very beginning, their expertise and dedication shone through.

One individual who truly stood out during this process was Sadaf. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment were instrumental in making this journey smooth and successful. She not only guided me through each step but also ensured that all necessary documentation was in order, leaving no room for errors or delays.

What truly sets this firm apart is their personalized approach and genuine care for their clients’ success. They took the time to understand my unique needs and tailor their guidance accordingly. Sadaf’s proactive communication and willingness to go the extra mile made me feel supported and confident throughout the entire process.

Thanks to Rockefeller and Sadaf, I can now focus on building and growing my business without the stress of bureaucratic hurdles. Their expertise, combined with exceptional contributions, have made a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of efficient and reliable business consulting assistance.

Business Activity: Property Leasing License
Client Name: Aleksei Alekseenko

Procedure: Mr Mesfin Teshome seemed confused and concerned when he visited us. He was looking for a consultant who would give him proper consultancy and provide him with proper guidance. He was looking to obtain a Property Leasing License for his new venture, along with a residency visa. He was confused when he came to us. We started his work without any delay. We first helped him understand his business model and the complexities and challenges attached to it. We applied for the license at our earliest and dealt with all the legal issues including compliance, and opening his business account as well as for his residency.

The process went smoothly, and he remained cooperative and accommodating throughout the process. We heartfully thank Mr Mesfin for trusting us for his work.