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Professional License in Dubai

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In Dubai, Businesses are categorized into different license types, for example, all service-oriented businesses are registered under professional licenses in Dubai, trading businesses are categorized under commercial and general trading licenses, manufacturing businesses are categorized under industrial licenses, and similarly, freelancing, warehousing, and blockchain-related licenses are available in Dubai.

What is a professional license in Dubai?

Any business designing and offering services to the end user without any physical products are considered a professional business, for example, An IT company designing software and selling software, A Doctor offering services to the patient, Cleaning Services, etc., are an example of professional license in Dubai.

What are the Requirements for a Professional License in Dubai?

Professional license is the main category of a services activity list and under professional license, there are a number of business categories. Each Category is specific and different than others, Let’s segregate these categories into two licenses.

1. Professional license with external approval

Professional license with external approval, which means an applicant for the professional license must be qualified to take approval from the Dubai government authority, for example: If a doctor wants to open a clinic, he/she must be a qualified doctor to take approval from Dubai Health Authority to register a professional license in Dubai, or if an investor want to open a rent a car company, he/she must take an initial approval from RTA (Road & Transportation Authority) to get a professional license for car rental, A food related business must be approval from food control authority which is under Dubai Municipality to get a professional license.

2. Professional license without external approval

Professional license without external approval, which means an applicant doesn’t require an approval from any government body to get a professional license in Dubai. This category involves simple activities such as software development, IT, Accounting and bookkeeping service and there are a number of licenses under this category to register a professional license in Dubai.

We always recommend consulting with us RFZ Corporate Services Provider team to take a brief explanation of your business license before choosing an activity to register your professional license in Dubai.

How to get a Professional License in Dubai?

RFZ has made the profession license registration process easy as 1 2 3. Applicant will decide a name and submit to the RFZ team, RFZ team then will evaluate and check the name from authority to take the necessary approvals, Once the Name is registered then RFZ team will submit an application to take an initial approval for professional license registration, if external approval is not needed then RFZ team will get the license straightway.

Dubai Professional License Registration Process:

How to get professional license in Dubai


  1. Name Approval
  2. Initial Approval
  3. License Issuance

Timeline of the professional license in Dubai

Timeline of the professional license varies free zone to free zone and mainland, an average time of getting a license in Dubai free zone for professional activity is 2 – 3 days if external approval is not required, An Average time for getting a professional license in Dubai mainland is 1 day if external approval is not required.

What is the cost of a professional license in Dubai?

Under DED (Department of Economy Development) There are plenty of business activities and each activity cost is different than others, The cost of professional license can be evaluated depending upon the activity type, there are Four important element for the costing.

  1. Type of business activity Second
  2. Authority for External Approval
  3. Local Service Agent Fee
  4. Physical office

The cost of professional license can be evaluated depending upon four elements as mentioned above, but it is recommended to consult with RFZ profession team to understand the exact cost of your professional license in Dubai.


A professional license in Dubai is issued by a free zone authority or Department of Economy under any specific business activity required by the owner, A professional license is service based license, and each activity is very specific for each business. Choosing an activity and the area of setting up a professional license is very technical therefore it required professional advice while taking a decision and moving forward with the process of registration of a license in Dubai.

Our team of experts from RFZ is always there for a consultation sessional to take you through the process and to make your journey seamless for entry into the Dubai market.


1. Is a professional license mandatory to offer Services in Dubai?

It is mandatory to get a professional license in Dubai before offering any sort of service within Dubai, otherwise, it is illegal and that can cause a penalty or legal action can be taken by the concerned authority.

2. What is the difference between commercial and business licenses in Dubai?

Any physical product trade related activities come under commercial license and any service-related business comes under professional license.

3. Is it possible to add more than one business under a professional license?

If the activities are in a similar group, then we can add them under the same business license but if activities are from a different group, then it is not allowed to add them under one business license, however, there are few exceptions by some free zone authorities, We always recommend to deal with our expert team to streamline the process of professional license registration in Dubai.

4. Where a professional license can be registered?

A Professional license can be registered in the free zone of Dubai or Dubai Mainland. It is important to understand the business structure of any business before choosing between the free zone or the mainland, it is always advisable to consult with our expert team to decide the right place for professional license registration in Dubai.

5. How often would you actually need to Renew Professional License in Dubai?

A Professional license in Dubai must be renewed every year to maintain everything related to the professional license such as immigration, banking, employees, and office space. A Nonrenewal of professional license may cause a penalty from the government.

6. What is a Local Service Agent?

Local service agent is a UAE national, holding UAE valid passport. Local service agent is mandatory to get a professional license.

7. What are the obligations of the Local Service Agent?

Local Service agent will not take any decision in the company holding professional license in Dubai, the ownership of the expat investor will be 100% and he/she will have full control of management in the professional license in Dubai. Local service agent will be a silent part of the license, the owner of the company can remove local service agent and add another one if required. The local service agent is entitled to receive an agreed compensation every year and that has to be fixed as mentioned in the service agent agreement.

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