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Are you considering a move to Dubai from India? Wondering if it is worth moving to Dubai from India? Dubai, a lively city in the United Arab Emirates, offers a blend of modernity and opportunities that attract many from India. But is it worth making the move?

This guide will help you decide by exploring the benefits and considerations of relocating to Dubai from India. From job opportunities to lifestyle factors, we will explore what makes Dubai an attractive destination for Indian expatriates.

Whether you are looking for business growth, a vibrant lifestyle, or new experiences, we will discuss the factors to consider before making the big decision to move to Dubai from India.

Benefits of moving to Dubai from India

The following are the benefits of moving to Dubai from India:

1. Better Business Opportunities

Moving to Dubai opens up new business possibilities. You could start your own business in Dubai that suits your skills and interests. This might lead to a more exciting and rewarding career. Look for the sectors that are thriving in Dubai, such as real estate, finance, technology, and e-commerce.

2. Low Corporate Tax

Low corporate tax

UAE doesn’t have any income tax on personal income, which means you won’t need to pay tax on the money you earn. This is a big reason why lots of people from India decide to move to Dubai each year.

However, the UAE government implemented a business tax of 9%. But, businesses that earn less than AED 375,000 in annual net profits will still enjoy the benefits of not paying taxes.

3. Multicultural Experience

Dubai is a place where people from many different countries live. You can make friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures. It is like having a global experience. Join local community events to connect with people from various backgrounds.

4. Safe Environment

Dubai is known to be a safe city. It means there is a very low crime rate, making it a secure place to live. You can feel comfortable and protected. Still, it is a good idea to follow basic safety practices and be aware of your surroundings.

5. Quality Healthcare

Dubai has good hospitals and international-level healthcare services. If you ever need medical help, you can expect to receive good care. This is important for staying healthy and happy.

6. Modern Lifestyle

Living in Dubai gives you access to modern living. The city has advanced technology and facilities, making your daily life more comfortable and convenient. Explore the modern malls, restaurants, and entertainment options to enjoy the city’s lifestyle.

How do you move to Dubai from India?

The first thing to figure out is what visa suits you best. There are different kinds – like the Business Visa if you’re planning to start a business in Dubai, the UAE Golden Visa if you have special skills or buy a property, and the Partner Visa if you’re co-owning a business in the UAE. Each one is for different situations, so you need to pick the right fit for you.

1. Start a Business – Move to Dubai from India

business in dubai

Starting a business in Dubai can be an exciting adventure filled with opportunities. The vibrant city offers a favorable environment for entrepreneurs to succeed. When you decide to set up your business, it is like planting a seed of possibility in fertile soil.

Dubai’s strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and business-friendly policies make it a hotspot for various industries. Whether you dream of running a restaurant, a tech company, or a small shop, Dubai welcomes your entrepreneurial spirit.

Choosing the right business idea is important, considering the diverse market in Dubai. Think about what people need and how you can provide a valuable service or product. Understanding the local culture and laws will help you understand the business landscape smoothly.

The process to start a business in Dubai is very simple and easy:

  1. Choose your business activity
  2. Select a jurisdiction
  3. Choose a name for your company
  4. Prepare all required documents and apply for initial approval
  5. Get your license
  6. Apply for a business visa/residency
  7. Open a business bank account

For seamless assistance throughout this process, consider seeking help from RFZ Corporate Service Providers. We can guide you, ensuring your business journey in Dubai is as smooth as possible.

2. Get a Golden Visa – Moving to Dubai from India

The Golden Visa program in the UAE lets investors and super-talented people stay for 10 years. It began in 2019 and has been successful, with more than a huge number of visas given out. People from all over, like famous people and professionals in health, engineering, science, and art, are coming to the UAE because of this program.

The success of the Golden Visa shows that the UAE is a great place for people from all around the world to bring their skills and money.

Who can get the Golden Visa?

  • People who invest at least AED 2 million in real estate are eligible
  • Talented people in science, knowledge, and art
  • Super smart students and graduates

Getting a Golden Visa in the UAE comes with lots of perks. You get to stay for a long time, find more business chances, and be part of a cool and lively economic world. This makes life and investing better for people who move there. And if you want to apply for a Golden Visa, RFZ Corporate Service Providers can help!

Best 3 Business Opportunities in Dubai for Indians

The following three are the best business opportunities in Dubai for Indians:

1. E-commerce Business

ecommerce Business in Dubai

Starting an e-commerce business is a fantastic opportunity in Dubai. Many Indians find success in e-commerce because Dubai has a tech-savvy population that loves online shopping. Setting up an e-commerce store in Dubai and delivering quality products can attract customers and make your business thrive.

2. Real Estate Business

Investing in real estate is a great business opportunity in Dubai. Invest at least AED 2 Million in UAE real estate, and it will open a chance to get a golden visa too.

Dubai is known for its growing and dynamic real estate market, offering chances for good returns. You can find success in real estate by understanding the market trends and making smart property decisions.

3. Finance and Banking Services

Getting into finance and banking is another excellent opportunity in Dubai. Dubai’s growing economy means there is a demand for financial services. With expertise in finance, you can find good opportunities in Dubai’s banking sector, contributing to the city’s financial growth.


Q1. Is it worth moving to Dubai from India?

Ans: Moving to Dubai from India can be worth it for many people. Dubai offers good business opportunities, a modern lifestyle, and a safe environment. The city has a mix of cultures, and you can experience new things. However, it is important to plan well, considering factors like cost of living and cultural differences. Moving to Dubai can be a rewarding experience.

Q2. How do you settle in Dubai from India?

Ans: To settle in Dubai from India, you need to follow some steps. First, find a business opportunity. Different visas are available, like the Golden Visa or Business Visa, depending on your situation. Understand the local culture and laws, and prepare the necessary documents for your visa application. Once you arrive, build a network, make friends, and be part of the community. This helps you settle in smoothly and enjoy your time in Dubai.


Dubai is a great place with lots of chances for jobs, businesses, and a lively lifestyle. The city is modern, has different cultures, and is full of energy. But moving there needs careful planning, thinking about things like how much it costs to live and the way people live there. Dubai is exciting because of its busy city life, good business opportunities, and the chance to explore different cultures.

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