Import Export Business in Dubai: Benefits & Setup Guide 2024

Import export business in Dubai

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The import and export industry has been important for a long time, allowing countries to trade goods across borders. Getting licenses to do import export business in Dubai is great because it allows people to trade internationally. You can either bring products into a country (imports) or send them out (exports).

International trade has had a big impact on the economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE has good trade relationships with many countries and believes in open trade policies. Because of this, starting an import and export business in Dubai is popular.

Dubai is an ideal place for import-export company for several reasons. Dubai busy commercial environment boosts trade, thanks to its flexible tax policies. Plus, with more people moving in, there is a growing interest in finding investment opportunities.

Read below to know how Dubai is ruling the world of import and export.

Why Start an Import Export Business in Dubai?

For a long time, Dubai has been a famous hub. People gather to buy and sell goods from across the globe. Its lively markets have attracted merchants from everywhere. Nowadays, Dubai is a very important trading center because of its location between the East and the West. This makes it easy for businesses to bring goods in and out from different parts of the world.

Businesses in the UAE enjoy many advantages, including favorable tax rules. For instance, the government doesn’t tax corporate income up to AED 375,000; beyond that, it is only 9%. The UAE is very supportive of businesses, and its consumers have a lot of money to spend. Overall, it is a great place for entrepreneurs to make money.

Moreover, Dubai has excellent infrastructure, with modern airports and seaports, making handling big trading operations easy. Dubai setup makes it an ideal place to start or expand import-export businesses. This highlights its importance in today’s global trade landscape.

Benefits of setting up import and export business in Dubai

setting up an import export business in Dubai

The benefits of setting up import export business in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Business-Friendly Environment
  2. Modern Infrastructure
  3. Tax Benefit
  4. Location
  5. Simple Setup

1. Business-Friendly Environment

Dubai offers a business-friendly environment with minimal government interference, low taxes, and simple regulatory processes. This setup inspires foreign investment and entrepreneurship, making it an attractive destination for starting and growing businesses.

2. Modern Infrastructure

Dubai has a modern infrastructure with world-class ports, airports, logistics centers, and transportation networks. These are much needed for import-export activities in Dubai. These facilities make trade operations and managing the supply chain seamless and efficient.

3. Tax Benefit

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs and investors choose Dubai to start their businesses is the tax benefits. If you own a company in Dubai, you have to pay only 9% of corporate tax and  you don’t have to pay personal income tax.

4. Location

Dubai is located at the strategic location between East and West making it a perfect trade hub connecting Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its advanced infrastructure, like ports and airports, makes transporting goods easy and efficient. This setup encourages trade and business growth in the region.

5. Simple Setup

Setting up an import and export business in Dubai is fast and easy. You can start your business operations quickly. The Dubai government supports all businesses by following clear rules and regulations.

How to start import and export business in Dubai?

How to start import export business in Dubai

The process to start import export business in Dubai is as follows:

Step 1: Choose your business activity

Before starting your Dubai import and export business, the first step is to decide what you want to trade, as this affects the type of license you need. For example, you might want a general trading license to trade in various goods. Other options include jewelry, beauty products, or parts for vehicles and planes.

Make sure your chosen activity matches your business plan and ensures compliance with regulations about Dubai imports and exports.
It is a good idea to get help from RFZ Corporate Service Providers specialist to make sure everything is clear and legal.

Step 2: Select Business Jurisdiction

You can start your import-export business either on the Dubai mainland or in a UAE-free zone. Free zones are often preferred because of their strategic locations with direct access to ports, airports, and highways. Additionally, free zones offer benefits such as low import and export taxes, no currency restrictions, and the ability to deliver all capital and profits.

However, extra steps are required if you plan to trade directly with the local UAE market. Keep in mind that setting up on the mainland allows immediate access to trade with the UAE markets.

Step 3: Finalize Business Name

In the UAE, naming companies follow strict rules, so it is important to know the regulations. Avoid offensive or blasphemous language and any name already taken by a famous organization. If naming your company after yourself, use your full name without abbreviations. Also, make sure your chosen name is available for registration.

Step 4: Get Import-Export Business License

If you want to set up your import and export activity on the mainland, you must get your license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or municipality in your chosen emirate.

If you prefer a free zone, the managing authority of that free zone will issue the license. A company formation expert like RFZ Corporate Service Providers can help you with these steps and do them for you.

Step 5: Get your Residence Visa

The next step is to apply your business visa. You can choose from different types of visas for your business needs. Or you can consult RFZ Corporate Service Providers anytime for further and detailed information.

Step 6: Business Bank Account

Once you have your import-export license, it is important to open a business bank account. This account will help you manage finances and ensure smooth operations for your import-export business in Dubai.


Q1. Which export business is best in Dubai?

Ans: The top export business in Dubai depends on what people want to buy, what industries are growing, and what you know best. Some good export sectors in Dubai include electronics, clothes, machines, food and drinks, and fancy items. You should study the market to find the right fit for your export business.

Q2. How much does it cost to start an import-export business in Dubai?

Ans: Starting an import-export business in Dubai varies in cost. You will need money for licenses, business setup, customs fees, transportation, and marketing. Costs of an import export company depend on what you are trading and your business’s size. It is important to plan and budget carefully before starting your business.

Q3. Which license is required for import and export business in Dubai?

Ans: To begin an import export business in Dubai, you must first get a trading license from the right authorities. This license allows you to bring in and send out products. Once you have the trading license, register with the Dubai Customs Department.


Starting an import export business in Dubai can be a great idea. Dubai is a fantastic place for trade because it is easy to do business there. There are many industries available, so you have many options to explore. You can trade different products, such as electronics or luxury items, whether you are importing or exporting.

But planning carefully and understanding what people want to buy is important. To be successful in your import-export business in Dubai, you must have the right license. Also, you must be smart to handle your money wisely and keep track of what products are popular.

Setting up Import Export Business in Dubai with RFZ

If you are planning to start an import and export business in Dubai and are confused about the process, then RFZ Corporate Service Provider is the company that can assist you in setting up your business in Dubai.

At RFZ, we offer personalized help and solutions according to people’s requirements. Our experienced team will give you trustworthy advice at every step of your business journey in the UAE.

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