How to start a business in Dubai Freezone – Ultimate Guide 2024

How to start a business in Dubai Freezone

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If you are planning to expand your business in Dubai or want to open a company in the Dubai Free Zone and you have no clue how to start a business in Dubai Freezone, then this guide is for you.

The UAE, and Dubai in particular, are really popular places for business owners around the world because of its stable economy which helps locals and foreigners.

Starting a business in the Dubai Freezone is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs from all over the world. These Free Zones in Dubai offer a unique chance for anyone dreaming of running their own company. What makes these zones special is how they make it easier and more beneficial to start and grow a business.

Providing lots of advantages like letting you own your business completely, offering helpful tax conditions, Free Zone company registration in Dubai process is straightforward. This is why Dubai Free Zones are becoming a popular choice for new businesses. Whether you are just beginning or looking to expand, these zones offer a supportive environment to turn your business ideas into reality.

What is a Free Zone Company in Dubai?

A Free Zone Company is a type of business that you can start within any of the special Free Trade Zones in the UAE. These zones make it easier to do business, with perks like lower taxes, and they can be fully owned by foreign people.

If you are the only owner, your business is called a Free Zone Establishment, but if you have partners, it is known as a Free Zone Company. These companies help investors do business smoothly.

Free zones are designed to attract more business by making things easier and more beneficial for companies, especially those that want to trade internationally.

Benefits of setting up a company in Dubai Free Zone

There are a number of benefits of doing Free Zone business in Dubai, because of many favorable factors. Dubai Free Zone company registration is also easy and hassle-free and this is one of the major benefits of setting up business in Dubai Free Zone.

1. Complete ownership of business

When you start a business in a Free Zone, you don’t need a local partner from the UAE, you can own it all by yourself. This means you make all the decisions and don’t have to share control with anyone else. It is all yours, whether it is a big company or a small shop. This full control can make it easier to run your business the way you want.

2. Full profit repatriation

If your business makes money, you can send all of it back to your home country. There are no rules that say you have to keep some money in the UAE. This is great because you can use your profits to support your family or invest back home. It is like having no limits on your own money.

3. Low corporate tax

One of the best things about Free Zones is that you don’t have to pay much tax, unlike other countries. Only 9% corporate tax on your profits means you have more money to grow your business or to save. You don’t have to pay the tax if your profit is up to AED 375,000/-. The 9% corporate tax will be charged if the profit exceeds AED 375,000/-.

4. Simplified import and export process

Bringing goods into a Free Zone or sending them out to other countries is usually easier and cheaper. You don’t have to pay the extra fees that you might pay in other parts of the country. This makes trading a lot simpler and can help you save money, which is especially good if your business buys or sells things from or to other countries.

5. Ideal location

Free Zones are located often next to places like airports and seaports, making it super easy to send and receive goods. Being so close to these transport hubs means you can move your products quickly and easily, which is important for keeping customers happy. Plus, being in a good spot can help attract more business.

6. Worldwide connectivity

Dubai is a hub for international trade, with big airports and harbors connecting to many parts of the world. This helps your business reach customers far and wide. If you are in a Free Zone, you can easily find people and companies to work with across different countries.

7. Simple company registration process

Setting up your business in a Free Zone is usually quick and not too troublesome. RFZ can help you through the process, which means you can start your business faster. Not having to wait too long or fill out too many forms can make the whole thing less stressful.

Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai Process

There are more than 50 Free Zones in the UAE and Dubai is let alone home to 30+ Free Zones. Every Free Zone is different depending on the type of business, type of license, business complexities, and nature of the work. Dubai Freezone business setup is easy and quick. The following is the basic process of Dubai Free Zone company formation that is followed almost by every Free Zone.

1. Choose your License Type

Every Free Zone sets its own rules about how many types of work activities you can include under one business license. But one common rule they all follow is that you can’t mix selling goods with providing services on the same license.

It is general that if you want to sell products, you need a Trading or Commercial License or if you are going to offer services or advice, you need a Service License. And if you are manufacturing something, you will need an Industrial License.

2. Choose a Free Zone

Every Free Zone in the UAE lets you do certain things and offers different kinds of office spaces and a limit on how many work permits you can get. These rules change from one Free Zone to another.  RFZ can help by guiding you through picking the perfect Free Zone. Helping with your business needs and finding a place that fits just right, making sure you have all you need to get started.

3. Choose a Business Framework

Your business can be set up in a few different ways as a new business with one or more owners, as a part of an existing company, as a partnership between people and companies, or as a branch of a local or international company. Sometimes, only branch offices are allowed to do certain types of business, so it is important to check with the Free Zone.

You can establish the following legal entities in a Free Zone:

  • Free Zone Company as a Limited Liability Company (FZC LLC)
  • Free Zone Establishment as a Limited Liability Company (FZE LLC)
  • Branch of an existing Company
  • Free Zone Company without the LLC designation
  • Free Zone Establishment without the LLC designation

4. Choose a Name for Your Business

The next step is to choose a name for your business keeping the legal restrictions in mind. The Dubai government has its own set of rules according to which a company or business can choose a name.

Pick a company name that does not upset people and does not have any negative words. The name should match what your company does. Don’t use the place where your company is in the name, but you can use the names of countries.

5. Preparation of all required documents

Now it is time for the preparation of the documents for the Free Zone company set up. The documents required for a new company formation in the Dubai Free Zone are

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • Passport Size Picture With White Background

Based on the Free Zone you choose, there might be extra steps and additional documents required for submission.

6. Initial Approval

After finalizing the documents, the next step is to apply for the initial approval for the chosen company name, the business activity you choose and the structure of the company you are planning to have.

7. Visa Application

After the initial approval, you can start your visa application. As a business owner, you can apply residency for yourself and your employees.

8. Bank Account

After completing the residency process,  you can open a bank account in the Free Zone for your business. This helps you keep an eye on your money, figure out taxes easily, and manage your cash better.

9. Office Space

In a free zone, you have the option of a virtual office or a physical office. It totally depends on the type of your company. With proper guidance from Rockefeller Zone, you can choose the one that fits best for you.

Cost of opening a company in Dubai Free Zone

Starting a company in Dubai Free Zone license costs depend on where you choose to set up. The cost for each Free Zone is different as each Free Zone has its own rules and offers various types of businesses you can start. The type of business you choose can change the cost.

Also, the structure of your business matters. You might want a simple setup with just you as the owner, or you might want a bigger company with more partners. All these choices, the place, the kind of business, and its structure, affect how much it will cost to start your company in Dubai Free Zone.

The cost starts at around AED 13,000, but depends on the Free Zone you choose. RFZ can guide you well with the cost as per your chosen Free Zone in Dubai.


1. What is a Free Zone license?

Ans: A free zone license is a document issued by the free zone authority that authorizes a business to conduct activities within the free zone. A free zone license may be obtained by submitting an application and supporting materials, including a copy of your passport, passport size photo, and the appropriate application costs. The criteria may change based on the business intended activities and organizational form.

2. Which Dubai Free Zone should I choose for my business?

Ans: Your business activity, intended market, infrastructural needs, and budget all play a role in determining whether Dubai Free Zone is the best fit. Each free zone has its unique mix of benefits and expertise. It is advisable to consult with a professional consultant for business setup in Dubai free zones, who can guide you in selecting the most suitable free zone for your specific needs.


Setting up a business in Dubai Free Zones is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to start a new company. These Free Zones make it easier to do business, offering big advantages like owning the company fully, tax ease, and setting things up smoothly. It is a friendly place for new businesses, helping them grow without too much-complicated paperwork.

Also, Dubai is a place with people from all over the world, meaning a business can reach many different customers. Starting a business here can be a big step toward success for those who are ready to take on the challenge.

How to start a business in Dubai Freezone with RFZ

If you are planning to set up a company in the Dubai Free Zone and are confused about the process, RFZ is the company that can assist you in finding the best type.

At RFZ, we offer personalized help to people according to their requirements. We can assist with everything from creating a company to managing finances and ensuring you follow the rules.

Our experienced team. We will give you trustworthy advice at every step of your business journey in the UAE. Are you ready to make your business dreams a reality? Partner with RFZ, and let us do it together.

For a free consultation, contact us at +971 4 589 0815. You can also send us a WhatsApp message at +971 4 589 0815 or email your questions to We are here to assist you!

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