How to Move to Dubai from the UK : Ultimate Guide 2024

How to Move to Dubai From the UK

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Dubai, located at a strategic location on the edge of the Arabian Sea, welcomes everyone from anywhere. Dubai is not about just the sun shining and the fancy lifestyle, but if it is called the hub of opportunities, it will not be wrong. People are moving from different parts of the world, either looking for jobs or planning to set up their business there.

Also, low corporate tax rates, world-class medical facilities, security, strict rules, 0% crime rate act like catalysts. People are also considering moving to Dubai from the United Kingdom (UK), looking for a better job as it is safe and good for business with many benefits. If you are thinking about how to move to Dubai from the UK, RFZ can help you understand everything you need to make moving there easier.

Why Move to Dubai from the UK?

Moving from the UK to Dubai has many good reasons. Dubai has a lively and international lifestyle with many people from around the world. It is a big place for businesses and money, so a lot of people invest and start their own businesses there. The city looks amazing with tall buildings and a fancy way of living, so the people who live there have a good life.

The weather is always sunny, so you can do lots of outdoor stuff and have fun. Also, Dubai is welcoming to people from different places and they all get along well. Lastly, you don’t have to pay a lot of tax, so you get to keep more of your money, which is good for people from the UK who want to save more money.

 1. Business Opportunities in Dubai

Business opportunities in Dubai

If you are planning to start your business on Arab soil, then relocating to Dubai from the UK is a smart choice as Dubai is a great place for starting a business. It has a friendly environment and many opportunities for entrepreneurs.

You can find opportunities in areas like finance, technology, real estate, logistics, and retail. Dubai has a strong economy, modern infrastructure, and good rules for businesses. So, if you want to start a new business or expand your existing one, Dubai is a good choice.

2. Dubai Strategic Location for International Trade and Investment

Dubai is like a super busy store in the middle of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a perfect spot to send things to these places and get them from them. Dubai has a giant port called Dubai Port that lots of ships use. They also have great roads and buildings for storing things. Dubai even has Free zones where businesses can set up easily, and they don’t have to pay a lot of taxes.

Plus, Dubai has a huge airport where planes bring in stuff from all over the world. People from different countries work together in Dubai, making it a great place for trade, which means buying and selling things between countries. This helps Dubai’s economy grow a lot.

3. Lifestyle and Quality of Life in Dubai

Life in Dubai

The life Dubai offers has the quality everyone asks for. And when we compare life in Dubai vs. the UK, we come to know that Dubai is a very safe place with hardly any crime. The government has put strong rules in place to keep people safe. If you are from another country and live in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about your safety. In fact, most of the people who live in Dubai are from other countries, so it is a friendly place for expatriates.

4. Education and Schools in Dubai

In Dubai, there are lots of different schools for kids whose parents come from other countries. These schools teach different things like British, American, or other international programs, and they are really good.

These schools often have nice buildings, many fun things to do after classes, and students worldwide. It can be hard to get into these schools because many people want to go there, and some of them can cost a lot of money. But the people in charge of education in Dubai make sure these schools do well by checking them every year.

5. Healthcare and Medical Services in Dubai

Healthcare in Dubai is really good and easy to get. They have both government and private hospitals with modern equipment. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) makes sure everything is good in healthcare.

6. Cultural Diversity and Social Life in Dubai

Dubai is a city that lots of people find really exciting. There is so much to do and see there! You can go to concerts, go shopping in big malls, eat at fancy restaurants, and relax in cool cafes. If you are into art and culture, there are museums and galleries to explore. But the fun doesn’t stop there, you can also try outdoor stuff like going on desert adventures, scuba diving, or kite surfing!

The city is super diverse, with people from all over the world living there, so you get to experience lots of different cultures. Plus, it is really safe and has great infrastructure. But keep in mind, it can be expensive, and the weather can get extremely hot in the summer. Overall, Dubai is a lively and attractive place for many people to live in or visit.

7.  Travel and Exploration in the UAE and Beyond

Move to Dubai

Dubai is a place where many people work in busy jobs. But it is also great for tourists because of its beautiful beaches, modern buildings, exciting nightlife, and unique shopping.

There are many cool things to see in Dubai, like the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the amazing Palm Jumeirah, and the famous Dubai Mall. If you live in Dubai as a foreigner, you can have a good life here. And if you want to start a business, you can open a travel agency to help tourists in the UAE.

8. Weather and Climate in Dubai


  • Dubai is usually very hot and sunny.
  • It hardly ever rains, especially in the summer.
  • Summers are scorching, with temperatures over 40°C (104°F).
  • November to March is cooler, around 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F).


  • The UK has milder weather.
  • It is often cloudy and rainy, especially in the fall and winter.
  • Summers are not too hot, around 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).
  • Winters can be cold, with temperatures below freezing and a chance of snow.

Dubai Residence Visa for UK Expats

There are various types of residency visas for UK expats. We will discuss the best long-term residency visa option here.

  10 Year UAE Visas – Residency Visa:

The UAE now offers long-term visas for certain people like investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, and top students. It means you can plan your career in the UAE for a long time, and you can renew it too.

10-Year Golden Visa UAE Residency System:

Dubai visa for British citizens like professionals, researchers, and outstanding students, can get a special 10-year UAE golden visa . As long as they meet the requirements every 10 years, they can keep it.

How to move to Dubai from the UK?

Moving to Dubai from the UK is very easy, the following are a few of them.

1. Obtain a UAE Golden visa

Getting a UAE Golden Visa is an attractive route for UK nationals planning to settle in Dubai, particularly for those with exceptional talents or achievements. This long-term residency option not only opens the door to Dubai’s vibrant lifestyle and business opportunities but also offers the possibility to invest in the thriving real estate market.

Without researching too deeply into specifics, the Golden Visa can serve as a gateway to property ownership, which in Dubai is often linked with luxury, innovation, and investment.

2. Get a freelance permit for the UAE

If you like being your own boss and want to work on your own terms, getting a freelance permit in the UAE could be great. It lets you work for yourself across different fields and live in the UAE too. This permit supports those who want to run their own business, and it also sorts out your residency, making it perfect for anyone looking to combine their career and life goals in the exciting city of Dubai.

3. Start a business in Dubai

If you are planning to set up a business in Dubai once you move there from the UK, know that it requires thorough research and knowledge about the market. Dubai offers a business-friendly environment that suits every other person. It will not be wrong if we call it a safe haven for foreigners in terms of business and investment.

How to start a company in Dubai as a Foreigner?

The process to start a company in Dubai as a foreigner is very simple.

1. Choose Your Business Type

Decide what kind of business you want to do in Dubai, like providing services, trading goods, or manufacturing.

2. Pick a Location

Dubai offers three main places to set up your business:

  • Free Zones: Good for international companies with tax benefits.
  • Mainland: 100% ownership and you can choose various locations.
  • Offshore: The companies set up in other countries don’t have to pay taxes for certain types of business. A lot of owners use offshore companies to hold their money and get profits, like dividends, without taxes.

3. Decide on Your Business Structure

Determine how your business will be legally organized. The most common options are Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Free Zone companies.

4. Choose a Unique Business Name

Select a name for your business, and make sure it is not already taken. You can get initial approval without renting a place yet.

5. Complete the Required Paperwork

Gather necessary documents like passports, white background photo, and later on bank statements to open a business bank account.

6. Get the Right License

Depending on your business type, you will need a professional, commercial, or industrial license. This is essential for legal operation.

7. Get Residency

After getting the business license you have to take residency as well in order to apply for a  business bank account, RFZ will help you to complete all these formalities in your Dubai business journey.

8. Open a Bank Account

Set up a business bank account with a local or international bank in Dubai. You will need this for financial transactions.

Cost of Living in Dubai vs. the UK

When moving to Dubai from the UK with family, the cost is a major concern. While comparing the cost of living in Dubai vs the UK, we come to know that  Dubai is cheaper than the UK for many reasons. First, the tax rate is low, so they get to keep more of the money they earn compared to the UK, where people pay a part of their income as tax. Daily living costs like food, bills, and especially petrol are usually less expensive in Dubai.

When it comes to housing, Dubai has a variety of options. Some of these can be more affordable and offer bigger, newer homes compared to what you might find in big UK cities, where living spaces can be quite expensive. Getting around in Dubai, either by car or public transport, is generally cheaper too.

Dubai also has lots of different places to eat and have fun that can suit all kinds of budgets. Many of these are cheaper than similar things in the UK.

Cost The UK (London) The UAE (Dubai)
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 13,617.75 £
(62,616.33 AED)
3,434.51 £
(15,792.38 AED)
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Rent Per Month 2,260.57 £
(10,394.44 AED)
1,598.61 £
(7,350.63 AED)
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 20,054.76 £
(92,214.64 AED)
10,592.75 £
(48,706.95 AED)
Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 314.18 £
(1,444.65 AED)
160.49 £
(737.97 AED)
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 18.00 £
(82.77 AED)
8.70 £
(40.00 AED)
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 2.90 £
(13.33 AED)
1.52 £
(7.00 AED)

Information from: Numbeo


1. Is it worth moving to Dubai from the UK?

Ans:Whether moving to Dubai is a good idea depends on your situation. Dubai has a unique lifestyle, job opportunities, and tax advantages, but it is important to think about factors like living costs and job prospects before deciding.

2. Can a British person buy a house in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, British people can buy property in Dubai. Dubai allows foreigners to own property in certain areas called “freehold zones.”

3. How can I get a golden visa in Dubai?

Ans: To get a golden visa, you usually need to invest a significant amount in Dubai, like buying property or making big investments. These visas are given to investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals.

4. Do I need a visa to visit Dubai from the UK?

Ans: No, UK passport holders have a visa on arrival for the first 30 days.

5. What language do people in Dubai speak?

Ans: In Dubai, the most common language is Arabic, but many people also speak English. You can usually use English for everyday conversations and business.


Moving from the UK to Dubai can be a fantastic opportunity for a new job and a fun lifestyle. Dubai has great schools and hospitals, so your family will be safe and healthy. It is also easy to start a business there because of the friendly tax rules. Maybe you just want to enjoy the sunny weather instead of the UK’s rain.

No matter why you want to move to Dubai, we can help. At RFZ, we’ll guide you step by step through getting the right visas and permits. Contact us, and we’ll make moving to Dubai easy for you.

Relocate to Dubai from the UK with RFZ

If you are planning to move from the UK to Dubai and are looking for the process, RFZ is the company that can assist you.

At RFZ, we offer personalized help to people who want to relocate to Dubai from the UK. We can assist with everything. Our experienced team will give you trustworthy advice on every step throughout the process.

Are you ready to make Dubai your home? Partner with RFZ, and let us do it together.

For a free consultation, contact us at +97145890815. You can also send us a WhatsApp message at +97145890815 or email your questions to We are here to assist you!

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