How to Move to Dubai from Canada : Complete Guide 2024

How to move to dubai from canada

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Dubai is the best option to save on taxes if you suffer from paying them in Canada. If you want to save tax and enjoy a luxurious life this comprehensive guide will help you figure out how to move to Dubai from Canada.

Dubai is a great place for people who want to start or grow a business. It is very business-friendly, with low taxes that attract companies from all over. This means more profit and better chances to grow. Dubai also has everything businesses need to do well, making it a perfect place for Canadian investors looking for new opportunities.

The location of Dubai is great as it expands its reach to the markets in both the East and West. It is easy to start and run a business here because of the simple processes and helpful government policies. Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, Dubai is full of chances for all kinds of business activities. For Canadians this business side of Dubai makes it even more appealing, along with its great lifestyle and culture.

Why Move to Dubai from Canada?

Living in Dubai as a Canadian as you enjoy many benefits. Dubai, UAE is the best place to consider moving from Canada for several reasons, a few of which are stated below:

1. Business Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai is booming in business and is now a major spot for entrepreneurs worldwide. It is ideally located to link the East and West, making it great for businesses that operate globally.

The city is very welcoming to businesses, offering excellent infrastructure, which helps in nurturing new ideas and business development. Business people and professionals from Canada have lots of opportunities to grow their businesses and become well-known in Dubai lively market.

2. Low Corporate Tax in Dubai, UAE:

One of the biggest plus points for companies thinking about moving to Dubai is its low tax rates. With no personal income tax and very low taxes for businesses, Dubai creates a great financial environment for companies to do well. This welcoming tax situation attracts big companies and also helps small businesses to start and grow in the city.

Unlike many places in the world, the UAE doesn’t tax individuals on their income. This is a big benefit for foreign workers because they can keep more of what they earn instead of paying a lot in taxes.

Also, Dubai has a Value Added Tax (VAT) of only 5% on products and services. This is quite low compared to other countries. This means people can enjoy their earnings more without worrying about high taxes, making it a better financial situation for everyone.

3. Dubai Strategic Location for International Trade

Move to duabi from canada - Easy Trading

Dubai location helps businesses connect easily from different parts of the world. It is located in such a great place as it is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, this makes it an ideal place for companies that want to trade internationally or reach customers in various regions.

The city’s strong network of transport and logistics means goods can move quickly and efficiently. For businesses in Canada looking to go global, Dubai offers a straightforward and effective way to reach and serve a broad international audience.

4. Safety and Security – Moving from Canada to Dubai:

Dubai is renowned for its safety and security, making it a welcoming destination for families and individuals alike. The low crime rates and stringent law enforcement contribute to a sense of safety, providing peace of mind for those relocating from Canada. The city’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment adds to its appeal as a preferred destination for expatriates.

5. Moving to Dubai from Canada – Quality of Life:

Move to duabi from canada - Lifestyle in dubai


The transition from Canada to Dubai often comes with an enhanced quality of life. The city is known for its modern amenities, luxury living options, and a vibrant social scene. Expatriates and their families can enjoy a high standard of education, healthcare, and recreational activities, contributing to an overall improved quality of life.

Relocating from Canada to Dubai promises a substantial enhancement in your standard of living. Dubai boasts some of the world’s finest beaches and upscale shopping malls, creating an ideal setting for those who relish exploration and leisure activities.
The city offers an exceptional healthcare system, ensuring residents receive top-tier medical services at reasonable costs. Additionally, the UAE government’s significant investments in education guarantee access to outstanding educational facilities, making Dubai an attractive destination for families contemplating a move.

From a financial perspective, the cost of living in Dubai is on par with that of Canada, translating to a relatively stable budget without drastic adjustments. Overall, the move to Dubai holds the promise of an enriched lifestyle, with access to premium amenities and services for residents.

6. Healthcare Facilities in Dubai:

Dubai has a top-notch healthcare system with modern hospitals, specialized clinics, and a wide range of medical services. People moving from Canada can find up-to-date medical facilities and skilled healthcare professionals there. This well-developed healthcare system helps ensure that everyone, including families, gets good medical care.

Expats from Canada and other countries in Dubai have access to both public and private healthcare. The Healthcare in Dubai is known for its up-to-date facilities, advanced technology, and trained medical staff.

Expats need to have health insurance in Dubai. This insurance covers various medical needs like doctor visits, treatments, medicines, and hospital stays. Many of Dubai healthcare centers are internationally recognized for their high quality and safety standards. Also, Dubai is becoming a popular place for medical tourism, which shows its strong reputation in global healthcare.

7. Climate and Outdoor Living

Moving to duabi from canada

Dubai has sunny weather all the time, which is great for people who love being outside. There is a lot to do, like going to clean beaches, big parks, and having fun in the desert. Because it is usually warm, people there often do sports, go to events, and enjoy their free time outdoors. Living in Dubai is very different from living in Canada.

Best Dubai visa for Canadians – Golden Visa

Dubai has a special program called the Golden Visa Program for people from around the world. To get this visa through real estate investment, you must buy a property in Dubai worth 2 million AED. Once you have the Golden Visa, you can live in Dubai for up to 10 years and keep renewing. Additionally, the UAE Government offers golden visas to professionals, business owners, and students. Here is what you get with it:

  1. A visa to enter Dubai for 6 months that you can use many times.
  2. A visa to live in Dubai for 5 or 10 years, and you can renew it.
  3. You don’t need a local person to sponsor you.
  4. You can stay outside the UAE for more than 6 months and keep your visa.
  5. You can bring your family, like your spouse and kids, to live with you.
  6. You can have as many home helpers as you want.
  7. If the person with the Golden Visa dies, their family can stay in Dubai until their visa ends

If you are a Canadian who wants to move to Dubai, the UAE Golden Visa  is a good choice. Living and starting a business in Dubai is made easy with golden visa program.

How to Move to Dubai from Canada – Business Setup

Starting a business in Dubai is a great option for Canadians starting their business journey. Dubai offers a business-friendly environment for business and lots of chances for new businesses to grow. Setting up a business in Dubai is pretty simple, be it paperwork or research. For your guidance here is what you need to do to get your business up and running:

1. Choose Your Industry

First, pick the type of business you want to start and look into the rules that apply to it. Although many kinds of businesses can do well in Dubai, areas like real estate and technology are especially good matches for the city’s economy. Doing a lot of research on your chosen field will help you make better decisions.

2. Select Your Location

Location plays the role of catalyst for any business, as it also affects the growth of the business as well. While moving from Canada to Dubai, it might be a difficult task for you to know which location will be best for your business.

Dubai offers different areas where you can start a business, Mainland, Free zone and Offshore areas and all of them have their pros and cons. You can research and select the area that suits your business the best.

3. Define Your Business Structure

The next step is to define the structure of your business after deciding the name and location of your company. Dubai offers various types of company structure, from a sole proprietorship to a branch office of an existing Canadian company. Each structure has its pros and cons, so careful consideration is necessary. Consulting with RFZ can aid in making informed and sound decisions.

4. Choose a Company Name

Naming your business is another important step as it will define your business and your business will be recognized by it. Dubai has specific guidelines for business names, including restrictions on references to religious or political groups.

Understanding these regulations before submitting your application is better so that the concerned authorities will not reject your selected name.

5. Submit the Paperwork

Now this is the most difficult and challenging phase of the process. Here the submission of documents is made of required documents to the Dubai government. Document submission leads to the issuance of a company license once everything is approved.

6. Apply for a Visa / Residency

The business setup is not completed without obtaining the visa. Completing your business setup requires obtaining the appropriate visa. The type of visa depends on your company’s location, with differences between mainland and free zone businesses. RFZ will help you choose the right visa type and apply it for you before you start operating your business in Dubai.

7. Open a Bank Account

The next step is to open a corporate bank account in Dubai. RFZ will guide you at every step including the offered local and international banks with rates. Digital banks that offer online services are also quite common.

How much does it cost to start a business in Dubai?

The cost of setting up a company in Dubai depends on your business activity, type of license and the selected jurisdiction, such as the free zone and the mainland.

If you are wondering how much it costs to start a business in Dubai, you can get an estimation of the cost by using our company incorporation cost calculator.

Cost of Living in Dubai vs Canada

Living in Dubai can save you money compared to living in Canada. In Dubai, you don’t pay tax on your salary, so you have more money left for yourself. This is helpful, even though some things like eating out and having fun might cost a little more than in Canada. Houses in Dubai can be expensive, but they’re usually very nice and have special features that you don’t often find in Canadian houses.

When it comes to the cost of living, Dubai is about 20% cheaper than Toronto. Dubai ranks as the most affordable city in the United Arab Emirates, and Toronto is the most affordable in Canada. On average, the money you earn after taxes in Dubai can cover your living costs for two months, but in Toronto, it only covers about 1.4 months.

Also, getting around and paying for things like electricity is usually cheaper in Dubai than in Canada. Even though some items at the store might be a bit pricier in Dubai, having more money from not paying income tax and enjoying a fancier lifestyle can make living in Dubai a good choice for many people.

Cost The Canada (Toronto) The UAE (Dubai)
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 15,771.15 C$
(43,429.85 AED)
6,633.87 C$
(18,268.03 AED)
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Rent Per Month 2,623.53 C$
(7,224.54 AED)
2,791.16 C$
(7,686.17 AED)
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 26,252.14 C$
(72,291.92 AED)
17,787.50 C$
(48,982.39 AED)
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 25.00 C$
(68.84 AED)
14.53 C$
(40.00 AED)
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.35 C$
(9.23 AED)
2.54 C$
(7.00 AED)

Information from: Numbeo


1. Is it a good idea to move to Dubai from Canada?

Ans: It can be a good idea depending on your personal and professional goals. Dubai offers a different lifestyle, warm climate, and tax benefits.

2. Can I move to Dubai from Canada?

Ans: Yes, Canadians can move to Dubai. You’ll need a residency visa which can be obtained through employment, investment, or family sponsorship.

3. Do Canadians need a visa for Dubai?

Ans: Canadians do not need a visa to enter Dubai for stays up to 30 days. For longer stays, a visa is required.

4. Can a foreigner start a company in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, foreigners can start a business in Dubai. Free zones are popular for foreign business owners as they allow 100% foreign ownership.

5. How can I get a golden visa in the UAE?

Ans: The UAE Golden Visa is for investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers, and outstanding students. It requires a substantial investment in the UAE, like property or a business.

6. Can I open a company in Dubai without a sponsor?

Ans: Yes, you can open a company without a local sponsor and own it 100%.

7. Does the UAE have a social security agreement with Canada?

Ans: The UAE and Canada do not have a social security agreement.

8. Is Dubai considered a safe place for expats?

Ans: Dubai is super safe for expats, with low crime rates and a high standard of living. However, it is important to respect local laws and customs.


Moving from Canada to Dubai is a big step, but it can be really exciting. Dubai is a lively city with lots of different people and a fancy lifestyle. It’s a safe place with lots of opportunities like low tax on what you earn and life can be quite comfortable. Dubai is also welcoming to people from other countries, which helps make moving there easier. Overall, moving to Dubai from Canada can be a great chance to experience new things and grow in Arabian soil.

Move to Dubai from Canada with RFZ

If you are planning to move to Dubai from Canada and are looking for the process, RFZ Corporate Services Provider is the company that can assist you.
At RFZ, we offer personalized help to people who want to relocate to Dubai from Canada. We can assist with everything. Our experienced team will give you trustworthy advice on every step throughout the process.

Are you ready to make Dubai your home? Partner with RFZ, and let us do it together.

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