Gold Trading License in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Gold trading license in Dubai

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Dubai is growing fast and it is considered a paradise for businesses. With its open trade policies and growing population, it is a hotspot for companies.

One of the main attractions for tourists in Dubai is its gold market. Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’ in the Middle East because of its gold trading. It is no surprise that Dubai is one of the top gold trading markets in the world. There is a big demand for gold and the government certifies the quality of gold sold in Dubai, making it a top spot for jewelry shopping.

If you are thinking of starting a Gold business, you need to acquire a Gold Trading License in Dubai. To get a gold trading license, you need to follow certain steps and regulations set by the government.

Benefits of Starting a Gold Business in Dubai

Following are the benefits of starting a gold business and obtaining a gold trading license in Dubai:

1. Complete Ownership

Starting a gold business in Dubai give you a 100% ownership. You don’t need a local sponsor and have all the rights to run your business as you wish. This gives you more freedom and flexibility to manage your business.

2. Tourism

In recent years, more tourists have been coming to Dubai, especially to shop for gold jewelry. The variety of gold retailers, the various designs available, and the low taxes and other benefits make Dubai a top destination for gold shopping. One popular spot is the Dubai Gold Souk, where visitors can admire stunning gold jewelry crafted by talented goldsmiths.

3. VAT Exchange System

Dubai is renowned for its gold market, attracting tourists, visitors, entrepreneurs, immigrants, and locals alike who are keen on investing in the precious metal. Gold jewelry is available at comparatively lower prices here.

Additionally, there is a VAT exchange system where listed and registered dealers don’t charge VAT when selling gold to another certified dealer, provided the latter intends to resell or manufacture the products. However, retail customers are still charged a low VAT rate of 5% on the total value of purchased gold.

4. Liquid Asset

Gold is considered a liquid asset because it can be quickly converted into cash when needed, making the gold business less risky. During emergencies, you can easily turn some of your gold into cash without much hassle. Unlike other types of businesses, dealing with gold doesn’t greatly impact the firm’s liquidity. This ease of converting gold into cash is a major reason why many people prefer investing in it.

How to get a Gold Trading License in Dubai?

How to get gold trading business in Dubai

How to start a gold business in Dubai makes many people confused, and it seems a difficult process, but in Dubai, you can easily get your gold trading license by following the below simple steps.

1. Choose Business Activity

Gold trading companies need to pick specific business activities when applying for their gold trading license in Dubai. This license lets them do various business tasks, but only the ones mentioned on the license. Dubai Department of Economic Development offers a great number of activities to choose from. It is important to select the right ones for your gold trading business.

You must list all your business activities on your gold trading license to avoid penalties. It is a good idea to work with RFZ Corporate Service Provider, a company formation expert, to make sure your license application and chosen business activities match up correctly.

2. Select Jurisdiction

The types of business activities you choose for your gold trading company influence the kind of setup and gold trading license that suits it best. If your business involves selling gold jewelry in retail shops, you will need a specific license. On the other hand, if you are into trading gold bars, a different type of gold trading license is required.

The choice between Free Zone and Mainland companies in the UAE depends on your business activity. Free Zone companies are popular and cost-effective, allowing foreign nationals to setup business in a specific area. However, to trade in the UAE legally, you need to get a license from Dubai mainland.

3. Choose Business Name

When naming your gold trading company, it is important to follow the UAE naming rules, which means avoiding offensive or disrespectful language. This ensures that your company name aligns with the naming policies set by the UAE authorities.

4. Apply For License

After finishing the necessary paperwork for your business registration and company setup, the next step is to submit these documents to the appropriate government entities to apply for your gold trading license.

This involves providing the required paperwork to the relevant authorities for their review and approval, and initiating the process of obtaining the necessary license for your gold trading business.

5. Get Residency/Visa

After getting your gold trading license, the next step is applying for your visa. This visa lets you get residency in the country, and depending on your license, you might also be able to get visas for your family and staff. It is essential for running your gold trading business in Dubai.

6. Open Business Bank Account

Once you have your gold trading license in Dubai, the next important thing is opening your business bank account. This account is where you handle your business money and transactions, and keep things running smoothly. Having a separate business bank account is vital for the money side of your gold trading business, making sure everything is safe and organized.

Best Regions to Start a Gold Trading Business in Dubai

Following are the best regions to start a gold trading business in Dubai.

1. DMCC Free Zone

The DMCC free zone, founded in 2002, is situated across from Dubai Marina Beach. It offers attractive advantages such as full ownership of businesses, excellent infrastructure, and opportunities for freehold property ownership.

2. Gold & Diamond Park

Since 2011, this park has been operational and serves as an excellent location for manufacturing and retailing of gold and precious stones. Managed by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, it comprises large manufacturing units and a retail center, making it an ideal spot for businesses in this industry.

3. Dubai Mainland – Gold Souk

If you prefer a location on the mainland, the Gold Souk in Dubai provides plenty of opportunities, mainly for businesses looking to engage with the local market and carry out import-export operations.


Q1. Do you need a license to sell gold in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, if you want to sell gold in Dubai, you have to get a permit in the form of a license. The type of license depends on what you want to do with the gold, like selling it or making things with it.

Q2. What licenses are needed to start a gold trading business in Dubai?

Ans: To start a gold trading business in Dubai, you need a license from the government. You can get this license from different jurisdiction like the Dubai Mainland or the Freezone.

Q3. Can a foreigner start a gold trading company in Dubai?

Ans: Yes you can start your gold trading company in Dubai as a foreigner with 100% business ownership.


Dubai is a great place for businesses, and starting a gold trading business in Dubai is a wonderful idea. Dubai offers a lot of advantages like its good location, low taxes, and great infrastructure. Dubai is also considered a big market for gold. The government rules, are easy and make sure everything is fair and safe.

If you are thinking about starting a gold trading business in Dubai, it is important to understand how to get a gold trading license in Dubai. Trading gold in Dubai can be a profitable opportunity for those looking to invest in a flourishing market. And getting a gold trading license in Dubai is the first step to getting started.

Get your Gold Trading License with RFZ

If you are looking to obtain a gold trading license in Dubai, RFZ Corporate Service Provider is the company that can assist you in getting the license.

At RFZ, we offer personalized help to people who want to start businesses in the UAE. We can assist with everything from creating a company to managing finances and making sure you follow the rules. We will give you trustworthy advice at every step of your business journey in the UAE.

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