How to Start a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

food truck business in Dubai

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Food truck business in Dubai is really popular now. They have changed the way people eat by bringing delicious food to the streets. People want food that doesn’t cost too much, so there are parks and markets just for food trucks with all kinds of different foods from around the world.

Starting a food truck business in Dubai is cheaper and more flexible than opening a regular restaurant. It lets people get into the food business with less money and they can move around to different places instead of staying in one spot.

By taking advantage of the growing love for street food in Dubai, people can join a big market and show off their tasty food. With good planning, a creative menu, and a focus on making great food safely, people can build a successful food truck business in Dubai’s exciting food scene.

Advantages of starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai

Here are the advantages of starting food truck business in Dubai:

1. Low Startup Expenses

Starting a food truck business in Dubai requires much less money upfront compared to opening a regular restaurant, which makes it a popular and budget-friendly choice for people wanting to get into the food industry.

Because the initial investment is lower, it is easier for new entrepreneurs to join the market, encouraging creativity and helping small businesses grow.

2. Reduced Expenditures

Operating a food truck typically experiences minimal overhead costs beyond basic expenses like rent, ingredients, and wages, especially in the beginning. Since there are fewer additional expenses to worry about, such as utilities and maintenance, entrepreneurs can enjoy a simplified operational setup. This efficient model helps maximize profits and efficiency in the competitive food service industry.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Food trucks offer incredible flexibility, allowing entrepreneurs to easily change locations and cater to different customer preferences. This mobility lets them explore various markets, events, and areas, which maximizes business opportunities and ensures they can adapt to changing consumer trends and demands.

4. Targeted Marketing

Finding places where there is a lot of demand for your specific type of food helps you focus your marketing efforts and increases your chances of building a loyal customer base. By knowing what your target customers like and giving it to them, you can make your business more visible and appealing. This method helps your food truck grow and succeed in the competitive food industry.

5. Versatility in Menu

Food trucks offer entrepreneurs the freedom to experiment and vary their menu offerings without the limitations of a traditional restaurant setup. This flexibility allows them to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, attracting a broader customer base and creating an exciting culinary experience that keeps people coming back for more.

6. Appealing Buyer Experience

Interacting directly with customers is essential for a great dining experience, and food trucks are excellent at creating personal connections. When food truck operators engage with customers in person, they make the experience memorable and special, which increases satisfaction and loyalty. This personal interaction adds value beyond just the food, which helps the business succeed and build a good reputation.

7. Minor Risk

The lower financial risk involved in starting a food truck business makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs. This model allows entry into the food industry with less risk, which could lead to higher returns on investment.

With lower initial costs and more flexibility, food trucks offer a chance for people who are passionate about cooking to start their own business with confidence.

8. Increasing Popularity

The increasing popularity of food trucks among customers has led to a rise in demand and potential profits in the industry. People are looking for unique and convenient dining experiences, which is driving this growth even more.

Customers value diversity and accessibility in their food choices, which adds to the appeal of food trucks. This continued demand shows that food trucks are here to stay as important players in the ever-changing food service scene.

How to get a Food Truck License in Dubai?

Food Truck Business in Dubai

Starting a food truck business in Dubai is easier and cheaper than opening a regular restaurant. It takes less money upfront, and you can make your investment back faster. Plus, you have more freedom to move around and try different locations.

To get a license and permit for your food truck, you need to get approvals from:

1. Obtaining Approval from the Dubai Economic Department (DED)

The Dubai Economic Department is really important for businesses in Dubai. They handle things like licenses, inspections, and making sure businesses follow the rules. If you want to start a food truck business in Dubai, the first thing you need to do is get approval from both the DED and the Dubai Municipality. To do this, you have to submit a detailed business plan.

Your business plan should cover these main points:

  • The Business Idea
  • The Concept
  • The Financial Plan
  • The Business Model

2. Acquiring HACCP Authorization

To ensure safety and cleanliness, both the food truck and its kitchen need approval from the right authorities. You will need Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification in two main areas:

a) Kitchen Layout

This covers how your kitchen is set up inside the food truck. It includes things like where your cooking equipment is, how you handle waste, and how you serve food. Everything has to meet HACCP standards.

b) Truck Design Blueprint

This certification looks at the overall design of your food truck, not just the kitchen. It includes things like making sure your truck has electricity, meets safety standards, and follows other important rules.

Getting HACCP certification shows that you care about keeping your food safe, which makes your business more trustworthy. It proves that you are serious about preventing any health risks and following the right hygiene rules.

Dubai has strict rules for getting licenses, but companies like RFZ Corporate Service Provider can help make the process easier. They offer personalized plans to help you get all the licenses you need and run your food truck smoothly.

3. Choose an Appealing Location for Your Dubai Food Truck Business

Choosing the right location is super important for your food truck business in Dubai. It can really make a difference in how well your business does. In Dubai, food trucks can’t just drive around wherever they want but they have to sell their food in specific spots. That is why it is really important to pick the best place for your food truck.

4. Get Your License

The last thing you need to do is get your license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. This license gives you permission to officially start your food truck business. Once you have it, you can start selling your food.

Starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai : Key Considerations

Before starting a food truck business in Dubai, you should consider the following:

1. Safety and Standards

Starting a food truck business in the UAE means following specific rules, one of which is that you can’t cook food in the truck itself, as required by law. Instead, all food for sale must be cooked in a separate kitchen that meets Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) rules.

This ensures strict food safety standards are met, protecting public health. So, people looking to start a food truck business need to find a certified kitchen to prepare their menu items before selling them from the mobile unit.

Following these rules not only keeps you on the right side of the law but also makes customers trust that the food you are offering is safe and high-quality. This boosts your chances of success in the growing food truck industry of the UAE.

2. Separate Kitchen

To follow UAE rules, food trucks can only be used for tasks like heating, plating, and serving food. Actual cooking and food preparation have to happen in a separate kitchen that meets strict safety standards called HACCP. So, entrepreneurs need to rent a fixed kitchen space for their main cooking activities.

This extra kitchen ensures that all food prep follows the strict safety rules while the food truck focuses on serving customers and finishing dishes. By having a separate kitchen, food truck businesses can make their operations smoother, stick to the rules, and keep high standards for cleanliness and quality.

3. Budgeting

Before you start your food truck business in Dubai, it’s really important to think about the costs of managing a kitchen outside of the truck. This means figuring out how much it will cost to rent a kitchen space that follows all the food safety rules, like HACCP regulations.

You also need to think about things like paying for utilities, buying kitchen equipment, and hiring staff to work in the kitchen. By including these costs in your initial budget planning, you will have a better idea of how much money you really need to get your business up and running.

Planning for these expenses from the beginning helps you manage your money better and reduces the chance of unexpected costs causing problems later on. With careful financial planning, your food truck business can be set up for success and growth in the competitive UAE food industry.


Q1. Is the food truck business profitable in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, the food truck business can be profitable in Dubai due to the city’s diverse population and vibrant food culture. With a strategic location and unique offerings, food trucks can attract locals and tourists alike.

However, success depends on factors like location, quality of food, and marketing efforts. By offering delicious cuisine, maintaining reasonable pricing, and leveraging social media for promotion, food truck owners can tap into Dubai’s busy food scene and generate profits.

Q2. Are food trucks legal in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, food trucks are legal in Dubai, but they must obey specific regulations and obtain necessary permits to operate. Food truck owners need licenses from the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality, and Dubai Food Safety Department to ensure compliance with health, safety, and hygiene standards.

These regulations aim to maintain food quality, protect public health, and ensure the safety of consumers. By following the required procedures and obtaining the appropriate permits, food truck operators can legally establish and operate their businesses in Dubai.

Q3. Which approvals are required to start a food truck business in Dubai?

Ans: To start a food truck business in Dubai, several approvals and permits are required:


Starting a food truck business in Dubai can be a profitable business due to the city’s diverse population and high demand for convenient and tasty food options. While food trucks are legal in Dubai, operators must comply with government regulations and obtain necessary licenses and permits.

By obtaining required approvals and adhering to safety standards, entrepreneurs can legally operate their food truck businesses and potentially find success in Dubai vibrant culinary scene. With dedication and careful planning, a food truck business can succeed and become a popular choice among customers.

Start your Food Truck Business in Dubai with RFZ

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