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The UAE Golden visa is offered by the UAE government to live, work and to do business in one of the fast-growing economies of the world (United Arab Emirates). UAE government is welcoming warmly to talented people with exceptional skills and qualification, investors who are looking for a most vibrant place and business friendly country to invest and grow businesses.

Since UAE is one of the most stable and safe for living and doing business, most of the investors and talented people wish to stay long term. With the Golden Visa UAE scheme offered by the UAE government, they can live, work, and do business in UAE and enjoy a luxury lifestyle and a safe & secure place for their businesses and families.

What is a Golden Visa in the UAE?

Golden visa UAE is a 10-year UAE residency that is extendable multiple times. It’s a long-term residency visa for investors and talented people to live, work, study, and do business in the UAE. The Golden Visa UAE is offered to investors with a fixed investment of 2 million. Best students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, frontline heroes, and super athletes are eligible for a golden visa. There are a bundle of benefits to getting a golden visa which are defined in the following content.

Top 9 Benefits of a UAE Golden Visa

Benefits of UAE Golden Visa


  1. UAE Golden visa holders can stay outside the UAE for more than six months
  2. UAE Golden visa holders can stay long-term in the UAE
  3. Golden Visa holders can apply for a visa without a sponsor
  4. UAE Golden visa holders can apply for visas for spouses under them regardless of their age.
  5. Golden visa UAE holders can apply for visas for unlimited domestic helpers such as drivers, maids, etc.
  6. UAE Golden visa holders can get a private bank account with any UAE bank
  7. Family members of UAE Golden visa holders can stay in UAE
  8. If the Golden Visa UAE holder passes away, the family of the Golden Visa holder can stay in the UAE for the complete duration of residency.
  9. Long term duration of the golden visa is valid for 10 years

Golden Visa UAE Types and Requirements:

There are various types of golden visas in the UAE.

Types of UAE Golden Visa

1) Investor Golden Visa

An investor in public funds can get a golden visa for 10 years. The minimum investment must be two million AED or above.

To prove this investment, the investor has to get a letter from the bank or show a MOA, trade license, share certification, and other incorporation documents to get eligibility for the golden visa. Investment funds must be the own funds of investors. It must not be a loan or any other type of facility. It must be the investor’s own investment.

2) Real Estate Investment Golden Visa

A real estate investor can also be eligible for a golden visa under two conditions.

10-Year Real Estate Golden Visa:

A UAE Golden visa will be granted to someone investing two million AED or above in one of multiple properties. This investment has to be fully paid if the property is from the secondly market, If the property is under construction and the value of the property is two million or above, and one million is paid then the investor will be eligible for a golden visa.

A mortgage buyer is not eligible for a Golden Visa if the property is bought under a mortgage or any other type of loan or payment plan. In this case, the investor is not eligible for a Golden Visa. The mortgage has to be fully paid and a clearance letter from the local bank has to be taken to get qualification for a Golden Visa.

Requirements for the Real Estate Golden Visa:

A real estate investor who is qualified for the Golden Visa must get approval from DLD (Dubai Land Department) and complete the set of requirements to avail of the Golden Visa. RFZ Team is an expert in processing Golden Visas and obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.

3) Talent Visa

A special talent holder who is recognized with an exceptional award, certificate, and qualification of their talent verified by the concerned authorities is also eligible for a Golden visa. The list of talents includes:

  1. Doctor

  2. Scientist

  3. Creative People of culture and art

  4. Investors

  5. Executives

  6. Specialists in the science field

  7. Athletes

  8. Specialized engineers with degrees

 4) Entrepreneur Golden Visa UAE

Entrepreneurs with a technical business or future based on risk and innovation are also eligible for a Golden Visa for 5 years. A business owner must present audit reports. An approval letter is a must from the following authorities.

  1. A letter from the authority must be required stating that the project value is not less than AED 500K.

  2. A letter from the United Arab Emirates Auditor stating that the project is a future nature or technical project.

  3. A business incubator in UAE to offer the proposed business activity in the UAE.

5) Investors UAE Golden Visa

Investors who are adding value to the UAE economy can apply for a golden visa. A letter from the Ministry of Economy is required stating that the investor is adding value to the UAE economy.

6) Golden Visa UAE for Creative People

Individuals who have extraordinary talent and well-known celebrities in the field of culture and art can also apply for a golden visa. They must need an approval letter from the culture and arts authority.

7) UAE Golden Visa for Executive Directors

A 10-year golden visa program is offered to executive directors working in the UAE with more than five years of experience. Employees who are working under government companies or other private companies with similar positions for more than 5 years and withdraw 50,000 AED or more salary monthly can apply for a golden visa under the executive director golden visa scheme. There are a few criteria that they need to fulfill before applying for this type of visa. The criteria are mentioned below.

  1. A degree or certificate from a university certified by the UAE or attested or legalized by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  2. Have a minimum of 5 years experience as an executive director in any of the government or private entities certified by the UAE government.

  3. Posting of the employee must be entitled as executive director on the visa and certificate issued by the employer.

We always recommend consulting with RFZ CSP advisors to have the correct guidance while applying for an Executive Golden Visa.

8) Athletes UAE Golden Visa

Athletes who are superheroes or well recognized by the authorities or institutions, certified players, playing for a country are eligible to apply. Athletes who are eligible to apply must get an approval letter from the General Sports Authority UAE or the Sports Council. Without recommendation letters from the authorities, athletes are not qualified to apply for a Golden Visa. We recommend consulting with one of the experts from the RFZ CSP team to have a smooth and successful process of applying for a Golden Visa.

9) Specialist in Engineering & Science


Scientists and engineers with bachelor qualification and equivalency certificates approved by MOFA UAE, Emirates Scientist Council, or proof of receiving the Mohammed by Rashid medal for scientific excellence.

Engineers with the below qualifications and degrees from one of the leading universities with the equivalency from the UAE Ministry of Education can apply golden visa:

  • Biotechnology

  • Computer engineers

  • Electronics

  • Epidemiology and virology

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Big data

  • Genetic engineers

Participants must be qualified from one of the above titles with a master’s degree or bachelor’s must be accredited education by the UAE Ministry of Education.

10) Outstanding Students Golden Visa UAE

Students who are toppers at the national level in high school with a recommendation letter from the UAE Ministry of Education can apply for a 5-year golden visa. The duration of the student golden visa is 5 years and it can be extendable if the student is enrolled in one of the colleges within the country which requires a study period of more than 5 years.

11) University Students Golden Visa

Outstanding students from universities that are under grade A or B, with the criteria of getting a CGPA of 3.5 from a grade A university and a CGPA of 3.8 from a grade B university can apply for a 10-year golden visa. A recommendation letter is required from the Ministry of Education and University with the educational certificate and record of CGPA.

International students who graduated from the top 100 universities in the world can also apply for a student golden visa for 10 years. They must achieve a CGPA of 3.5 and a recommendation certificate is required from the the university and an equivalency certificate is required from the UAE education ministry.


The Golden Visa UAE provides the best opportunity for living, working, and doing business there. Investors, talented people, entrepreneurs, and students can apply for a golden visa that offers a 10-year UAE residency that can be extended multiple times. Investors with a fixed investment of 2 million are eligible for a golden visa in the UAE.

The UAE Golden Visa program offers several advantageous features for its holders. Notably, Golden Visa holders are permitted to stay outside the UAE for more than six months, enjoying long-term residency in the country for up to 10 years. An appealing aspect is the ability to apply for a visa without a sponsor and extend this privilege to spouses, regardless of their age.

Moreover, Golden Visa holders can secure visas for unlimited domestic helpers, such as drivers and maids. Additionally, Golden Visa holders are entitled to open a private bank account with any UAE bank. Overall, the Golden Visa UAE program provides a comprehensive and extended residency solution with various perks for visa holders and their families.

We always recommend consulting with a RFZ CSP expert to have a smooth and hassle-free process of getting a golden visa.

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